The Order: 1886 - Playstation 4

The Order: 1886 - Playstation 4

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The Order: 1886 is an action game set in an alternate history London in the year 1886 with steampunk elements. The protagonist is Sir Galahad, one of King Arthur's Round Table Knights, and he has to find out who killed some girls in Whitechapel. The city is however in trouble and many Lycans (werewolves) are out there. You have to use some special weapons Nikola Tesla made to kill them.

The game relies heavily on cut-scenes that are sometimes interactive and it uses a lot of quick time events, especially for the major fights. There are also various sections where guns are used to kill Lycans and other mysterious creatures. It is necessary to use cover and there are some stealth passages. Sir Galahad usually travels with knights and other companions and these are controlled by the AI.

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