The Naked Brothers Band: The Video Game - Nintendo Wii

The Naked Brothers Band: The Video Game - Nintendo Wii

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The Naked Brothers Band: The Video Game is the console version of Rock University Presents the Naked Brothers Band.

It follows the story of the Naked Brothers Band members, who are starting a worldwide tour planned by their manager. By taking the roles of the different band members and playing their instruments (Drums, Guitar, Cello, Bass, Keyboard and Vocals), the player has to win the audience of each concert, then play a multi-song concert at one of the unlocked venues. Getting more popular will unlock new cities and new venues for the tour. As the player progresses, bonus songs, new instrument visuals and character outfits can be unlocked. The unlocked material can then be used in the Jam Session mode or in Party mode.

The Party mode allows two players to play cooperatively or against each other. In coop, each player chooses a character to play, and they combine their scores, and in versus mode, both player compete using the same character in the same song. The venue, character and song are selected by the first player.

All instruments play using the controller, except the vocals that can be played using either the controller or a microphone. As in other similar games, score is based on the player's success at accurately hitting the on-screen indicators for the different instruments. The result screen at the end of a song shows the player's hit percentage and overall score.

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