The Munchables - Nintendo Wii

The Munchables - Nintendo Wii

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Star Ving is a fabulous world composed of many islands all connected by sparkling rainbows, house to the Munchables, the quenchless creatures that love eating more than anything in the world. Their most highly treasured possessions are the Legendary Orbs, keeping their lands thrifty and rich of foods. The Great Elder governs over his happy people, wielding his wisdom: repose reigns. One day, their gleeful lives changes all of a sudden: a mysterious fleet of extraterrestrial spaceships surrounds the islands, taking over the Legendary Orbs. The aliens in the UFOs are able to avail themselves of the awesome energy from the Orbs, acquiring unbelievable power and beginning their descent on Star Ving. It is a dreadful army: treacherous-looking, fear-inspiring alive strawberries, peaches, eggplants, watermelons, apples, rice balls, magic mushrooms and more many other ones than it could be believed, all captained by Don Onion, known in the whole universe for the utmost mercilessness of his. «What will we do?», wonders the Elder in dismay, when... unexpectedly he is told that the invaders are tasty, and a flash of genius makes dismay hope: if enemies are tasty, they should be eatable! Now the Munchables know what to do.

In The Munchables the player is given control over one of the two Munchables summoned by the Great Elder — the belligerant Chomper, a male one, and the pinkish Munchy, a female —, and has to go around and through levels devouring the hostile legions of fruits and vegetables. 

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