The Mummy - Game Boy Color

The Mummy - Game Boy Color

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The Mummy is an action game with puzzle elements based on the movie of the same name. The plot basically centers on an Egyptian priest who was mummified in his time and later resurrected in 1926. Now he threatens to destroy the world.

It concentrates on exploring tombs and getting the artifacts inside. In most of the 46 levels, the player has access to three protagonists with different abilities: Evelyn can transport items and jump high, Rick can shoot with his pistols to kill enemies or use a sniper rifle to hit far away switches and Jonathan can use explosives. Each of the characters has their own life bars and the player can switch instantly between them. It is necessary to put all three characters to good use to solve the puzzles and platforming challenges the game offer. It is possible to bring a level to an unwinnable state, but there is a function to reset the level without penalty.
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