The Majors: Pro Baseball - Sega Game Gear

The Majors: Pro Baseball - Sega Game Gear

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The Majors: Pro Baseball is a baseball game for one or two players. It features an MLBPA but no MLB license, so has the full roster of players for the 26 teams of the 1991 MLB season, but with generic team names.

Exhibition games (for either one or two players via Gear-to-Gear cable) and a full season (one player only) of either 32, 71 or 162 games are available. Three different stadiums (open, astroturf, dome) are available for selection and game length can be set from 3 to 9 innings. Before the game, starting pitcher and batter line-up can be selected from the team roster.

Gameplay itself follows the standard model of the time: players control pitching, batting, running and fielding, with pitching/batting seen from a view behind the batter and running/fielding seen from an overhead view of the field. The game supports various pitching styles, bunts, holding runners on, lead offs and steals.

The game also allows for players to create their own teams from all available players. Two team slots are available. Teams and season progress are saved to battery-backed RAM.

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