The Lone Ranger - Nintendo NES

The Lone Ranger - Nintendo NES

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In the early 1880's in Texas, a man has returned to bring justice to the outlaw who murdered his brother and his former comrades, the Texas Rangers. His name is the Lone Ranger. The outlaw, whose name is Butch Cavendish, has now kidnapped the President. The time has come for the masked man to begin his journey of adventure for the purpose of safely rescuing the President and avenging the deaths of his brother and former comrades.

The game takes you through 8 western-themed regions, each with a different objective, all of which brings you closer to your nemesis, Butch Cavendish. The game features many points of view during gameplay. Most of the time, the game is played from a top-down perspective, as you travel through the country and walk through towns. At other times, the game switches to a side scrolling view when you are in a boss stage. On occasion, the view switches to a first person perspective and plays similar to a first person shooter.

Each bad guy you kill is worth money. You can use money to buy more bullets, dynamite, rifles or a patch up from a doctor. For example, you start with a short barreled gun which you can upgrade to either a medium or long barreled gun. Your gun shoots standard bullets but can also fire silver bullets which are stronger than the standard ones.

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