The Last Guardian - Playstation 4

The Last Guardian - Playstation 4

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The Last Guardian is a 3D platform game with puzzle elements set in a fantasy world. The story centers around the bond between a little boy and a huge Griffin-like creature called Trico. It is framed as a flashback as the boy, now an old man, narrates the events. At the start of the game the boy wakes up in a cave. He has been kidnapped and was taken to a large castle. He discovers tattoos that he previously did not have on his body and he also immediately meets Trico, wounded and chained up, next to him. The boy frees him, removes the spears from his body and feeds him to bring back his energy. While Trico is hostile at first, he warms up to the boy and then throughout the game the two work together to escape the castle and to fight the guards that attempt to recapture them. The player only controls the boy and has to learn to work with Trico and issue commands to coerce it into specific actions. That does not always work right away, as in some cases Trico can become distracted or stubbornly acts by his own instincts and interests. The player can also often choose to keep it close through commands or to let it roam freely.

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