The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk - Xbox One

The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk - Xbox One

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The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk is the successor to the humorous point & click adventure game The Inner World.

The game takes places three years after the events of the first game: Robert, our naive hero and member (and destined leader) of the flute nose dynasty has defeated the malevolent wind monk Conroy, but unfortunately Robert somehow managed to get himself petrified in the middle of nowhere. And without a ruler others managed to take over the world, in this case Emil, a former trader for odds and ends, who was able to gather a huge following. He believes that Conroy gave his life to save the world Asposia - so when Robert is finally turned to flesh again he has to realize that Emil does not only want to resurrect Conroy, but also capture all flute noses and kill them.

Despite the rather serious background story the game keeps true to the humor and the bizarre world of the predecessor. This time you will not only be able to play Robert, but also the pigeon "Peck" and the rebellious Laura, both of them known form the previous part. Characters can easily be switched in the inventory bar and even share the same inventory (if not separated at least).

Controls are the well known adventure controls again: Clicking on a hotspot will allow you to both look at it and interact with it (i.e. take, use or talk), items in the inventory can be combined with each other and with hotspots, and keeping the mouse button pressed will highlight all hotspots in the scene. Robert will be able to learn songs to play on his nose once more, but this time the players won't have to play them themselves, but only click on the corresponding icon. In case the player gets stuck the game provides a detailed ingame help system, providing only as much help as the player wants.

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