The Gunstringer - Xbox 360

The Gunstringer - Xbox 360

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The Gunstringer has no name other than being identified as the pivotal "Gunstringer". He is a skeleton marionette of a dead, betrayed cowboy--and he's out for revenge against his old posse who shot him dead and left him buried in the desert. The Gunstringer faces off against any number of wildly imagined "Old West" cliches as seen from the perspective of a puppet-focused stage play, complete with a live-action audience (made up of the Twisted Pixel development team, and some of their special guests). The Gunstringer must face and defeat a brothel madam, "Big Oil" tycoons, evil lumberjacks, a wavy balloon man, frontier soldiers, frontier Indians, and transplanted samurais.

Game characters run the gamut of each and every kind of puppet imaginable: Marionettes, "Muppet"-style puppets, simple paper people, and action figures. Stages and levels are all built and designed around a cardboard-and-paper aesthetic--paper towel tubes for trees, cardboard boxes for buildings, and various other craft or office supplies (like wall tacks) find a number of uses.

Ample "Classic Old West" movie-style narration runs through the game adding an element of "old tyme/Old West" storytelling to the entire package.

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