The Godfather II - Xbox 360

The Godfather II - Xbox 360

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On New Year's Eve 1958 Hyman Roth not only celebrated his birthday, he also celebrated the successful expansion of the Corleone family, successfully lead by Don Michael Corleone for fifteen years now, into Cuba. But the celebrations did not last long when suddenly "la revolucion" started and all hell breaks loose. Michael and Hyman manage to escape with most of the other family members but Aldo Trapani (the main protagonist in The Godfather) gets killed - just in time for five new families to threaten the Corleone family's control over New York, Florida and Las Vegas. As one of Aldo Trapani's closest soldiers, the player jumps into the role of Dominic to help Michael and the Corleone family win the war as well as to build a family of his now.

Looking over Dominic's shoulder, the player moves freely through three cities depicting a New York, Florida and Cuba from the late '50s/early '60s traveling between them by airplane. Connected by the main storyline, the main goal of Dominic is to grow his family and destroy the other five families. This is done in two main steps: Taking over businesses and killing so-called "Made Man". Taking over a business is done the same way as in the predecessor: Enter the shop/joint/factory/construction site, fight through the enemy guards and find the person with the Godfather-sign over his head. That is the one the player needs to threaten until he gives up his resistance and pays his dues to Dominic from now on instead of the other family.

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