The Bombing Islands - Playstation 1

The Bombing Islands - Playstation 1

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After getting a message from King Clown that strange blue bombs have appeared on all six worlds, Kid Clown sets on a mission to clear away the threat.

You control a character whose purpose is to blow the blue bombs scattered on each island to smithereens. The gameplay is similar to Bombuzal. Each stage has a red bomb and blue bombs. The bombs that you blow are on a pre-designed spot but are movable and must be placed in a way that all of them will set off at once. To make certain that everything will blow you can check the number at the top of the blue bombs which equals the radius the blast will reach.

The stages are chessboard-like with little touches like trees and water for the first island, lava pits for the lava world and so on. The levels are rotatable with an isometric view (top-down if you hold down L2). There is also a time limit in which you must do the above.

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