The Bigs 2 - Playstation 3

The Bigs 2 - Playstation 3

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The Bigs 2 is an arcade-oriented baseball game. The standard gameplay on the field is mainly the same as in the predecessor: the player takes the role of the active player, e.g. the batter, and tries to make a successful move. During gameplay, there are mini games which, when beaten, give the player an edge. Successful actions fill up a power meter and when it is full, the player can unleash powerful abilities. In addition to the known Big Blast (an automatic home run when hitting the ball as batter) and Big Heat (a power pitch) abilities, this game also adds Big Slam (four consecutive batters come up and when all four are successful, there is a home rum). Another addition is the wheelhouse indicator (shows the high risk zones of each batter, but actually bringing a ball through these zones rewards a big hit to his overall effectiveness).

Besides playing single matches, Home Run Pinball or a full season (here the player also takes over some responsibilities of the general manager like trading), there is also the Become A Legend career mode which is similar to the Rookie Challenge of the predecessor. Here the player takes the role of a injured athlete who works up his way back to the MLB. During matches, the player needs to meet requirements (e.g. winning a certain mini game or statistical things like throwing out a certain number of athletes) in order to succeed. Between matches there are mini games to play which improve the athlete's statistics (speed, contact, glove and power).

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