The Amazing Spider-Man - Nintendo DS

The Amazing Spider-Man - Nintendo DS

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This version of The Amazing Spider-Man is a side-scrolling action game. The premise is the same as in the other versions, although the plot itself is a bit altered to fit the platform's limitations. Oscorp researched the virus which caused Connors to turn into Lizard, but the cross-bread creatures escape into New York City. Now Spider-Man has to save the day while fighting Oscorp's robots which are out to destroy said creatures including Spider-Man himself. The story is told in comic-style cutscenes.

The game features an open city to swing through, but it has none of the usual open world distractions; it just serves as gateway to the next plot point. Those locations are interior levels in which Spider-Man has to fight enemies and the occasional boss in order to progress. Fighting is the usual beat 'em-up style: punching enemies a lot while dodging their attacks. Successful combos - hitting a lot without getting hit - fills a energy bar; as soon as it is full Spider-Man can unleash one of the special attack he picks up during the game. For example, the first is the web rush which hurts all enemies on screen. Spider-Man can collect power-ups which give advantages like additional damage for a limited amount of times.

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