The Amazing Spider-Man - Nintendo 3DS

The Amazing Spider-Man - Nintendo 3DS

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The main game of The Amazing Spider-Man for Nintendo 3DS is identical to the Wii version, except a few touch-screen mini games here and there.

What distinguishes it, is the additional Vigilante strategy game. In this mode, Spider-Man has to take back New York City. The player is presented with a map and chooses between districts. Each of those districts has a number of story missions associated with it: a situation is displayed in text and the player has to choose between several approaches, e.g. using web rush. Each choice has a certain percentage of success and rewards vigilante points - usually harder options reward more points. Collecting enough vigilante points results in a level up which improves the success chances, unlocks more missions and refills action points. Those are important because every time the player attempts a mission, a certain amount of action points has to be paid. If the player runs out of action points, 3DS play coins (StreetPass) can also be used to refill them.

Daily missions reward more vigilante points, but in addition to action points also require other items like web fluid to be started. Those items are earned in collection missions, but the chance to receive the item in question is lower than the overall success chance. The goal is to clear the city in order to unlock a costume for the main game.

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