The Aly & AJ Adventure - Nintendo DS

The Aly & AJ Adventure - Nintendo DS

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Alyson Renae "Aly" Michalka and Amanda Joy "AJ" Michalka are a teen pop duo who write music and act in movies. In this game they start a tour to perform in four different cities around the world (Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, and London). Players take on the role of their new assistant who has to see to all their needs through a collection of mini-games. After creating a customized character, the player needs to complete different mini-games to prepare for the concert. Based on the performance, a thermometer fills up with a ranking of stars. A minimum of stars is needed to enter the final change and all games on the map need to be completed with at least an "A". When all the games in the buildings have been completed, the concert in that city becomes available where a rhythm game needs to be completed in the vein of Elite Beat Agents.

The games require the player to clean graffiti, help with the rehearsals through dance sessions and even educate the girls primary school skills by having them recognize their own photographs and match objects. Multiplayer is available for two players and in the A&A Player mode, players can listen to the unlocked songs and play any mini-game.

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