The Activision: Dolphin - Atari 2600

The Activision: Dolphin - Atari 2600

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Dolphin is a side-scrolling action game. You control a dolphin that is being chased by a giant sea squid. Your goal is to earn points by staying alive as long as possible. As you swim away from the squid, you will encounter schools of sea horses which form a vertical row on the screen with only a small opening to swim through. As you approach each school, the dolphin's sonar will help you locate the opening; a low pitched sound will indicate the opening is near the bottom of the screen, and a higher-pitched sound indicates the opening is near the top. If you miss the opening, the dolphin will lose speed allowing the squid to catch up to you! From time to time, a seagull may fly overhead; if you jump out of the water and touch the seagull, your dolphin will temporarily be able to chase the squid. Throughout the ocean are waves which are indicated by arrows; an arrow pointing the same direction you are traveling will boost the dolphin's speed, whereas an arrow pointing the opposite direction slows you down. The longer you stay alive, the faster and trickier the squid will become! The game ends when all of your dolphins have been caught by the squid.

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