That's So Raven - Game Boy Advance

That's So Raven - Game Boy Advance

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Enjoy a typical day in the life of the psychic teenager, Raven. Play through a few days of Raven's wacky adventures as she has psychic premonitions - which don't always turn out to be what they originally looked like.

Disney's That's So Raven is a sidescrolling game based on the TV series of the same name. Players control Raven as she makes her way through school and the mall, trying to get through the day. Raven will lose health if she bumps into garbage or encounters geeky characters – but she can fight back by dumping fresh bottled spring water on the ground to trip up her enemies, or by spraying them in the face with perfume. She can also deflect projectile attacks by whipping around her handbag.

Players will need to assist Raven by helping her friends, as well as finding hidden items such as CDs and hamburgers to give to other people. Sometimes her friends will fall asleep from the boredom of class, so players must wake them up so that they don't get into trouble.


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