Th3 Plan - Playstation 2

Th3 Plan - Playstation 2

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Five years ago, the mafia engaged Stephen Foster and Robert Taylor to steal two mythical paintings. For them, the best robbers of the world, that should have been very easy - but Foster wanted more: at the crucial moment, he sacrificed without hesitation his partner and his team to keep all spoils. Now, five years later, the time for redemption has arrived for Taylor. For the ultimate holdup, he needs a team of specialists, hi-tech tools and a perfect plan...Th3 Plan.

In this action/stealth game, the player can control up to 3 characters at the same time. The screen is split in three parts and each of the characters can also be controlled by a different human player. Using the Hi-tech equipment from any of the seven team members, the player can combine their actions to reach his goal in smart ways. For instance, it is possible to talk to a guard to distract him with one character and open a forbidden door with one of the two remaining characters...

The stealth missions are often followed by gun fight missions where the action is much more intensive. The player usually has to protect one of the characters while he's doing an action and kill the opponents with the others.

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