Texas Hold'Em Poker DS - Nintendo DS

Texas Hold'Em Poker DS - Nintendo DS

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Texas Hold'Em Poker DS is a poker simulation. It features a practice mode, quick play, poker tour, and multiplayer. Practice mode is a game of Texas Hold'Em poker, with plenty of help text. Quick play lets the player play a quick game of Texas, Omaha, or Tahoe Hold'Em poker, or 5-card stud, 5-card draw, 7 card stud, or 7 card baseball. Games can be either limit or no-limit, and can be played in one of several locations, with 2-6 players. Poker tour mode is similar, but played over seven games with increasing difficulty. Multiplayer is identical to practice, but with human players.

In-game, all of the standard poker rules are present, and the player can send tells (looking at cards, scratching your nose) from a menu.

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