Tetris Evolution - Xbox 360

Tetris Evolution - Xbox 360

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Tetris Evolution is one of the many officially-licensed Tetris games. The game features seven game modes, several of which return from Tetris Worlds.

  • Marathon - Standard, timeless Tetris, where the goal is to clear as many lines as possible.
  • Ultra - Try to earn as many points as possible in a timed game.
  • Cascade - Clearing lines can cause placed pieces to fall, potentially clearing more lines for big points.
  • Race - Clear a set number of lines as quickly as possible.
  • Score - Reach a designated score as quickly as possible.
  • Hotline - Clearing specific highlighted lines will earn bonus points.
  • Go Low - The lower the stack is, the more points are gained from clearing a line.

Also included are both local multiplayer and online play over Xbox Live for up to four players. There are also a variety backgrounds and BGM to choose from.

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