Tetris Axis - Nintendo 3DS

Tetris Axis - Nintendo 3DS

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This addition to the Tetris series features over 20 game modes.

Alongside the classic Marathon mode, the featured modes include Fever, Survival and Computer Battle. In Fever, the blocks pile-up in a narrow matrix. The player has only 60 seconds to clear as many lines, with the help of special items that appear in the matrix and collect coins. In Survival mode, the narrow matrix add rows of block and fills-up as the player tries to delete as many lines as possible. In Computer Battle, the player faces against 10 Artificial Intelligence players.

The game also has Party Modes. These modes make use of the 3DS's various functions to add new gameplay elements. Some of these modes are Jigsaw, Shadow Wide, and Fit mode. Even more play modes, AR Marathon and AR Climber, can be played using Augmented Reality cards. The game has multiplayer modes as well.

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