Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Playstation 3

Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Playstation 3

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Test Drive Unlimited 2 is the sequel to the open-world racing game Test Drive Unlimited. It is set on two islands: Ibiza and Oahu (the Hawaiian island that was also the setting of the first game). Oahu is only available after players have reached level 10, after which the airport is accessible. There are 60 levels in total (up to level 70 with the optional Casino DLC), which can be reached by collecting experience points in any of the following categories:
- Discovery (driving on all the roads and tracks, finding all hidden car wrecks, taking pictures of specific locations)
- Collection (buying cars and houses, decorating these with furniture and stickers, buying clothes, having plastic surgery)
- Competition (racing against others, both AI or real, completing challenges)
- Social (making friends, joining clubs).

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