Tecmo Super Bowl - Nintendo NES

Tecmo Super Bowl - Nintendo NES

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Tecmo Super Bowl is the follow-up to the NES football arcade/simulation Tecmo Bowl. While the basic gameplay of the original is intact, a host of new features and improvements have been added.

Features include:

  • 28 real NFL teams/mascots with real NFL players (circa 1991)
  • 11 players on the field per team
  • Player substitutions and fumbles
  • Improved control over kicks and punts
  • Eight plays to choose from during games
  • Customizable playbooks
  • Arcade/coach/computer simulation options for one or two players
  • Pre-season/regular season/Pro-Bowl games
  • Regular season team standings and rankings
  • Regular season player statistics and rankings
  • End-of-game boxscores
  • A 12-team playoff following the NFL format


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