Tecmo Bowl Kickoff - Nintendo DS

Tecmo Bowl Kickoff - Nintendo DS

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Tecmo Bowl Kickoff is a remake of the classic NES titles of the early 90's and features a no-holds barred style of football. It also features cinematic animations for certain events during a game such as punts, field goals, interceptions, QB sacks, touchdowns, etc. Though it does not feature any license of professional teams or logos, it does model itself after the NFL with two conferences, the Wildcats Tecmo Conference (WTC) and the Bulldogs Tecmo Conference (BTC), with four divisions a piece (North, South, East & West).

Players can also edit their teams including their name, uniforms, team colors, team logos, playbook and stats for their players. They can also keep extensive stat track through five entire seasons of play of not only team stats but by individual player stats as well.

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