Taz-Mania - Sega Game Gear

Taz-Mania - Sega Game Gear

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One of several games based on the 1990s cartoon series Taz-Mania (in turn based on the Looney Tunes character), the Game Gear version has a unique design and set of levels.

As in the other Sega versions, the story is about Taz setting off to find an egg of a legendary prehistoric bird, but the game does away with any kind of introduction and drops the player right into the action. Each of the nine levels of the game is based on a unique concept or gameplay mechanic. These include escaping from a giant boulder, riding a mine cart, or a ski ride down a steep mountain (Indiana Jones sends his regards). Several levels are auto-scrolling: one sends Taz sliding along across icy surfaces, another forces him to follow a tree log down a river with the catch that he can't stay on it too long or it will sink.

If there are any enemies in Taz' way, he can jump on top of them to dispose them or alternatively use his trademark whirlwind spin. The spin also allows him to jump higher and farther, but will also drain his health. This in turn can be refilled by picking up snacks lying along the way.

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