Tape Worm - Atari 2600

Tape Worm - Atari 2600

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You are Slinky the tapeworm. You must move about the bean patch, eating beans. Each time you eat a bean, you grow longer and the bean count goes down by one.

Beans appear randomly in the patch and you must eat them before the beetle at the bottom get from left to right to get the count down to zero. If the beetle gets to the right before you get the bean, two more beans will appear in the patch and two more beans are added to the count.

You lose a life if you touch your head (yellow square) to the obstacle or the sides of the patch, touch your head to your body, or Spanky or Beeky touch your head (eat you).

The levels and their point values are:
Apple (5 points per bean, 50 points for the apple)
Orange (10 points per bean, 100 points for the orange)
Grape (15 points per bean, 150 points for the grapes)
Strawberry (20 points per bean, 200 points for the strawberry)
Banana (25 points per bean, 250 points for the banana)

You get a bonus worm every 1,000 points. You can have up to 4 worms in reserve.

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