Tamagotchi - Game Boy Classic

Tamagotchi - Game Boy Classic

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An egg arrives from a far-off planet in outer space. This egg contains a 'Tamagotchi', a baby alien that cannot fend for itself, and requires your attention and care. Look after the Tamagotchi and help it grow up.

Tamagotchi is a game based on the popular virtual pet of the same name. In it, you select an egg from the laboratory, and then it hatches in its room. From there, you are fully responsible for its care. Everything from feeding, medicine, playing with it, cleaning up its poo and scolding or praising it when appropriate - you must do it all.

Unlike the actual Tamagotchi toy, the Game Boy version is not in realtime - you can adjust the Tamagotchi's growth speed in the game options. You can also look after up to three Tamagotchis simultaneously. The Game Boy version also features three different games to play with your pet - depending on the game you select, it will improve their mood, their intelligence, or their physical fitness. The three games are:

  • Smile Game - Your pet will look left and right. Try to guess which direction it will face next.
  • Study Game - Help your Tamagotchi study. Simple math questions will appear and you must help it answer them.
  • Sports Game - Keep your Tamagotchi fit. Baseballs will rain down from the sky. Get your pet to them before they hit the floor to score a point.

Another feature exclusive to the Game Boy version are Tournaments. You can enter your pet in Race, Beauty and Knowledge tournaments. You can increase your chances of winning in these by training your pet, but make sure that when you enter them that it's not sick or spoiled, as it will not perform as well as it could. Win a tournament and your Tamagotchi will be placed in the Hall of Fame.


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