Tamagotchi Connection Corner Shop - Nintendo DS

Tamagotchi Connection Corner Shop - Nintendo DS

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The three Tamagotchi - Mametchi, Kuchipatchi and Memetchi - are itching to get into business! And you get to partner up with them! Choose your favorite Tamagotchi, and start up your very own shop together - work hard to earn a good reputation with your customers, as well as Gotchi which you can spend to furnish your partner's home. From time to time, special customers will arrive, and if you perform your tasks well, they'll pay you a large amount of Gotchi so that you can increase the size of your shop. You might even receive a visit from Princess Tamako and get her royal seal of approval!

Tamagotchi Connexion: Corner Shop is a simulation game that stars the popular virtual pets. While your partner handles all the customer service, you'll be in charge of the actual tasks required for the shopkeeping. These include dentistry (where you implant teeth and drill for cavities), cooking (which consists of cake decorating and making Takoyakis), clothes washing and repair, spa maintenance (which requires you to look after various Tamagotchi as they take a spa), and music performance. When you upgrade certain shops, new ones will appear, and sometimes combination shops will appear, like a Dental Accessory store (which lets you color teeth and attach accessories to them).

The required tasks are performed using the touch screen and stylus. Usually, the customer will request something in particular (such as 'I want five takoyaki', 'I think I have a cavity' or 'I want a cake that looks like a traffic light'), and you must create or perform the task as specified. You can select various actions and items from tabs on the side of the touch screen. You'll get rated on the performance of your task, so you must be as close to their request as possible. However, you can't take too long, otherwise the customer will get angry and leave.

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