Swords - Nintendo Wii

Swords - Nintendo Wii

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Swords comes to the Wii, slinging sword-fighting action in tow. Swords features a gameplay set-up similar to the highly-loved Nintendo franchise Punch-Out!! in that a single player takes control of a character working through a series of one-on-one battles between the player and a colorful on-screen character.

Like Punch-Out!!, the viewpoint of the game is behind the player's transparent on-screen character as they fight a CPU opponent head-on. Also like Punch-Out!!, the gameplay is set up in a block-counter-attack-block format. Essentially, the focus of the sword-fighting action encourages the player to watch the opponents movements carefully so as to successfully block the attacks.

General gameplay is performed entirely using the Wii Remote with Wii Motion Plus for one-to-one sword-fighting motion. However, the attacks are only recorded by the Wii through seven directions--up, left, right, and the four diagonal positions around them. Holding the A button charges a Chi special attack and holding the Button performs a block move that must be targeted to the incoming attack of the opponent. A correctly angled block results in a "Perfect Block" leaving the opponent open to a counter-attack. These are typically the most successful strikes against opponents.

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