Supreme Commander 2 - Xbox 360

Supreme Commander 2 - Xbox 360

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Supreme Commander 2 takes place 25 years after the events of Supreme Commander. The three opposing sides - the Cybran Nation, the Illuminates and the United Earth Federation - are still fighting in the Infinite War all across the galaxy, spreading chaos and unrest with the player right in the middle as the Supreme Commander.

As opposed to the first game, there's only one single player campaign during which the player will take over the control over the armies of each of the factions starting with the UEF-campaign as Commander Dominic "Migraine" Maddox followed by Commander Thalia Kael in the Illuminates-campaign and finally as Commander Ivan Brackman in the Cybran-campaign. But the game still is a real-time-strategy game in the vein of Total Annihilation, featuring an insane amount of units on the huge battlefields at the same time. To keep track of everything, the player can seamlessly zoom out to a strategic map or zoom in until he's up close with his avatar, the mighty ACU. The ACU can construct buildings faster than the normal engineer and has access to powerful weapons in order to fight his enemies. But once the ACU has been destroyed, the mission or the multiplayer-match is lost.

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