Super Bowling - Super Nintendo

Super Bowling - Super Nintendo

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Super Bowling is a bowling game for up to four players.

Three different game modes are available: Turkey Bowl is standard 10-frame bowling. Golf Mode features nine different "holes" (pin setups) and a par number for each, with scoring depending on number of throws needed to knock over all pins compared to par. Finally, Practice Mode allows setting up any number of pin combinations for practicing.

Before a round, the players can choose from four different characters that each differ in spin control and power. Customizable options then include left-or right-handedness, ball weight, lane oil distance, and difficulty (normal or hard).

During a round, players can set up player position and aim. After locking those in, the spin meter appears, with a bowling ball moving from left to right and back, with the ideal spin position in the center. Stopping it sets the spin, which makes the player start their run and has the power meter appear, which works like the spin meter: for maximum power, the meter must be stopped in the center.


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