Stolen - Original Xbox

Stolen - Original Xbox

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Stolen is 3rd-person stealth-based action game. Anya Romanovan is an accomplished -and sexy - female cat burglar who's trained herself to the peak of physical ability. Now she's after some of the toughest scores in the world.

When a job goes bad she's sucked into a web of conspiracy. To survive - and escape with her loot - she'll pit her skills against the latest security technologies.Product Features Feel the Thrill of Modern Thievery; lockpick doors avoid deadly traps hack camera systems crack safes and steal priceless items without being seen.

Scale roofs dodge guards jump sprint spin.  But watch out one mistake may cost your life. Infiltrate Incredible Locations like a Japanese museum a high-tech prison and a satellite array; each with numerous enemies and systems to outsmart with unique personalities and traits. Stay away from the light. 

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