Steel Harbinger - Playstation 1

Steel Harbinger - Playstation 1

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In the midst of a large-scale war, aliens invade. The attack begins with pods dropped on the Earth, designed to turn anyone foolish enough to come near into a bio-mechanical horror, determined to kill all humans, and very good at this task. Luckily, one of the pod's victims manages to escape halfway through the conversion process, retaining her mind. Now, the Steel Harbinger, backed up by a group of surviving scientists, must travel the post-apocalyptic United States, destroying aliens, rescuing survivors, and searching for a way to stop the attack.

Steel Harbinger is a 3d, top-down shooter, with the twist that you can eat the enemies you kill to regain health. Weapons, both human and alien, can be found around the large levels, as well as the standard keycards, consoles, and aliens. Between levels, full-motion videos explain the plot.

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