Starcraft II Limited Edition - Official BradyGames Strategy Guide

Starcraft II Limited Edition - Official BradyGames Strategy Guide

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Single-player CAMPAIGN WALKTHROUGH covers all possible mission branches, including bonus objectives throughout the campaign.
Exclusive MAPS found only in the official guide, show locations of units, enemy bases, and key terrain points.
Dedicated BATTLE.NET guide explains how to find and manage friends, chat with other players, and use the "matchmaking" system to find multiplayer matches at appropriate skill levels.
Dedicated MP BEGINNER guide offers early build suggestions for all 3 races, plus strategies for first-time players.
MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER STRATEGY is gleaned from matches with amateur gamers, plus professional players from all over the world.
Multiplayer coverage includes RTS basics; coverage of ALL TERRAN, PROTOSS, and ZERG UNITS; COMBAT strategies, and MULTIPLAYER MAPS.
PLUS: the book is hardcover with a foil treatment on the cover!
ALSO INCLUDED: An A-frame multi-player map stand that displays ALL 50 Game launch multiplayer maps! This secret weapon will allow you to see through the fog of war and you re your opponents out.

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