Star Wars: Episode I Racer - Nintendo 64

Star Wars: Episode I Racer - Nintendo 64

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Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer is, of course, a shameless tie-in game based on the Boonta Eve Pod Race scene from the movie. As a Star Wars title it's sure to get a lot of interest, but the question is: is it any fun to play? Yes, actually, it is.

Racer differs from a normal racing game. Rather than merely steering your way around the track, you can enhance your turns by using the Z button on the controller. Holding down the button shifts the cockpit off to the side and kicks you sideways with a burst of extra speed. And of course, a big part of pod racing is the spectacular crashes, and here LucasArts does not disappoint. As Qui-Gon says, "Pod racing is very dangerous!" Even your opponents crash--sometimes into each other.


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