Star Wars: Battlefront - Elite Squadron - Nintendo DS

Star Wars: Battlefront - Elite Squadron - Nintendo DS

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X1 and X2 are twin brothers, both clone troopers created from the DNA of a Jedi Master. They fought together against the Separatist movement during the Clone Wars, but are now on opposing sides during the Galactic Civil War. X2 regrets his part in the execution of Order 66, the killing of his former commander, Jedi Master Ferroda. He turned his back at the Empire and, after hiding out for a while, joined the Rebel Alliance. His brother, an Imperial Officer, is now trying to hunt him down for his desertion.

The Nintendo DS version of Star Wars: Battlefront - Elite Squadron plays out the similar story of the PSP iteration, but largely removes the multiplayer components, concentrating more on the single player campaign. Before each level, the player can choose what load out X2 will carry, specific styles that provide unique attributes compared to others (for example, an explosives expert compared to the sneaky spy). The top screen plays out the action from a top-down perspective (unlike the original third or first person perspective of other titles in the series), while the bottom screen acts as a radar system, detecting nearby enemies or objectives. These objectives vary, from finding a certain item or person to defeating various targets. The player can control other soldiers on the field to aid them in the quest, with the exception of boss battles, during which they're on their own.

A multiplayer mode is also included which mimics the style of other Battlefront games, either between four players or one with three AI bots, in a free-for-all battle across ground, air and starship areas.

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