Star Voyager - Atari 2600

Star Voyager - Atari 2600

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Star Voyager is an action game similar to Star Raiders. You control the space ship Star Voyager from a first person perspective; your objective is to make your way through seven star portals to save the Capital Starport, destroying enemy ships along the way. On each level there will be multiple enemies to destroy; typically they appear first in the distance, then close in slowly while firing torpedoes at you. Using the Star Voyager's weapons (either lasers or photon torpedoes) you need to destroy the enemies before they destroy you. Once a star portal appears, you need to navigate your way through to reach the next level (don't crash into the portal walls, you'll be destroyed!). In addition to the main viewport, the bottom of the screen also contains a status bar which shows the number of enemies destroyed, your energy level, and a scanner to help locate enemies.

Two player game variations are also included; in these one player controls Star Voyager, and the other player can choose to either control Star Voyager's weapons or the enemy ships.

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