Star Fox Zero - Nintendo Wii U

Star Fox Zero - Nintendo Wii U

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Star Fox Zero is a 3D vehicular shooter in the long running Star Fox series. Fox McCloud father and two Wingman were send five years ago to investigate the activities of the mad scientist Andros on the backwater planet Venom. Not knowing that one of his wingman Pigma Dengar was working for Andros, he was lured into a trap and never heard from again but able to assist his other wingman Peppy Hare to escape. He reported back that Andros had gather an army and was determined to conquer the Lylat star system. Now five years later the opposing sides are fighting a full-scale war over the system. Fox McCloud brought his father squadron out of retirement and assembled a new team including Falco Lombardi, Slippy Toad and his fathers old wingman Peppy Hare.

In the game various vehicles can be controlled like: the Arwing fighter jet that can land and transform into to a walker; the tank like Landmaster that has a short time hover function and can transform into a Gravmaster that lets it function as a slow heavily armed fighter jet; the Gyrowing is a helicopter like vehicle with the appearance of a drone that can deploy a Direct-I robot that is able to collect items and hack computer systems.

The game has two modes: the story mode and a training mode to learn how to control your craft. In the story mode you take on missions with different objectives. In missions upgrades for your laser weapon can be collected, as well as additional smart bombs and shield restoration power-ups. While flying or driving around various enemies and bosses have to be destroyed. Controls for your vehicle can be split between two players by selecting the Co-op Play on the mission select screen.

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