Spidercide - TRS-80

Spidercide - TRS-80

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Spidercide is a shoot 'em up game where the player has ended up on a planet inhabited by enormous spiders. The game is played from a top down perspective with controls similar to Asteroids where the player's task is simply to shoot down the spiders before getting killed. As the spiders move around the screen they leave a trail of web that can trap the player. It is possible to shoot through it but each shot will only clear a small part of it. There are two different spiders, slow and fast, and both can weave straight or jagged webs. It's necessary to be extra careful with the ones producing jagged webs since they will seek out and chase the player. Any contact with a spider leads to a life being lost. There are three lives but extra ones are given upon reaching 1000 points.

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