Spider-Man: Web of Shadows - Official BradyGames Strategy Guide

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows - Official BradyGames Strategy Guide

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After a lethal assault on the streets of New York puts the city’s innocent citizens in grave danger, only Spider-Man can take control and bring about a resolution to this serious conflict. Spider-Man’s actions hold the key to the fate of New York. How far will you go to save the city?

Comprehensive Walkthrough

Complete coverage of every main mission and optional mission in the game. Learn what it takes to stomp out the Symbiote invasion.     

Boss Fights

Proven tactics and tips for defeating the game’s notorious villains, including Kingpin, Black Cat, and Vulture!

Red Suit Vs. Black Suit

Learn about Spider-Man’s various attacks and what they cost to upgrade for both the Red and Black suits. They’re all covered - ground attacks, aerial attacks, wall attacks, and many more!

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