Spider-Man 2: Enter: Electro - Playstation 1

Spider-Man 2: Enter: Electro - Playstation 1

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Spider-Man is out to save New York City (and in the process the world) once again. This time it is Electro that is out to take Earth, and the galaxy itself, for his own. As you fight your way towards the final battle with Electro, you will come across a range of enemies, objectives and bosses. Climb buildings, save hostages, disarm bombs, all while avoiding hidden traps and enemies.

Spider-Man has a range of new techniques and power-ups for use, including Electric webs, ice webs, tasers, and electricity armor, plus all of the original moves from the first Playstation Spider-Man adventure. Punch and kick are your main attack abilities, but coupled with your web you can swing into and out of fights, tie up the enemy and surprise them from above. You can of course crawl along walls and roofs to get to hard to reach places, and find the hidden comic books (which opens up pictures in the gallery).

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