SoulCalibur V - Xbox 360

SoulCalibur V - Xbox 360

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The SoulCalibur games are 3D one-on-one fighting games in which you fight against a multitude of opponents using weapons. Each character has it's own unique weapon(s).

This is part 5 in the SoulCalibur series but part 6 in the Soul series if you count Soul Edge / Blade. In this part we follow a new character, Patroklos the son of the well known character of the series Sophitia. He sets out to help his sister Pyrrha who was infected with a curse she got from being in contact with the evil weapon Soul Edge. There are 28 playable character of which 10 are new to the series.

There are different modes you can play in namely:

  • Story mode - you play as Patroklos in search of his kidnapped sister and later on also as his sister Pyrrha. The story's being told by voiced storyboard like pictures as well as 3d cutscenes using the game engine.
  • Offline mode - consists of: Quick battle in which you can earn titles Arcade, fight 6 consecutive stages Legendary Souls, a more difficult mode VS Battle, fighting against another player or a CPU controlled one Training, where you can learn how to play and all the special moves
  • Online mode - play against human opponents via internet
  • Creation mode - here you can make your own fighter using all kinds of armor, weapons and props alike. You can use these home made characters in all modes except for Story mode

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