Sorcerer's Maze - Playstation 1

Sorcerer's Maze - Playstation 1

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In Sorcerer's Maze (known as Prism Land in Europe) you play as Prism and Rhythm (a cat and a fairy) who set out to save the seven trapped guardians of the land. Gameplay is very similar to Breakout or Arkanoid. Players control a moving paddle (a tail-swinging kitty in this case) to bounce balls and break gems lined along the upper area of the play field.

There are ten worlds with ten levels in each. Worlds include air, seas, rivers, forests, and castles, which primarily just changes the background art. Players are granted score multipliers for hitting gems in quick succession, and lose a "life" if the ball falls past the paddle and off the screen. The end of each world is a boss battle, where the player must bounce the ball off the boss' weak spot while avoiding attacks. Two players can also team up, or challenge each other in split-screen Battle Mode.

In addition to points, the player builds up MP through smashing gems and collecting items that fall out. In addition to collecting and activating powerups during play, the player uses MP to purchase powerups at the start of each level. Powerups include multiball, piercing ball, wider paddle, and a comically enormous ball. Graphical effects are used during the boss battles, and with some powerups, to generate snow, stretch the screen, and otherwise bring life to the play fields.

High scores are saved, but progress within the worlds is not. However, the first level of each of the ten worlds is always available at the start. After having saved all the guardians, you unlock the final castle stage.

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