Sonic: Lost World - Nintendo Wii U

Sonic: Lost World - Nintendo Wii U

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Sonic: Lost World is a 3D action platformer in the Sonic the Hedgehog series and not identical to the 3DS version of the same name. In the introduction Sonic and Tails chase Doctor Eggman who has kidnapped critters to power his robot army. Tails' plane is shot down and they land in Lost Hex, a world in the clouds. There they discover Eggman has used a magic conch to control the Deadly Six, members of the Zeri race. Sonic manages to break the influence, but the Deadly Six then use one of Eggman's machines to drain the world below of its life force. This leads to an unlikely alliance between the duo and Eggman to defeat the Deadly Six.

The game's levels combine three types of gameplay. There are full 3D levels where Sonic progresses through spherical worlds similar to those in the Super Mario Galaxy series or the cancelled Sonic X-treme. In these Sonic needs to move forward, but can go entirely around the sphere along the way by moving left or right. The second type of levels are side-scrolling 2.5D environments with a fixed side view and regular camera turns to maintain the perspective in the 3D world. The final type of levels are 3D and on-rails. Sonic moves forward automatically and quick reflexes are needed to find a path and avoid obstacles. Classic gameplay elements include collecting rings, dodging obstacles, using launch pads to travel between areas and platform climbing. Especially in the full 3D levels the spherical design of levels is used to find a path to progress. Most enemies are defeated by jumping on top of them. There is a new kick attack mainly used against stronger enemies. During levels enemies can be freed by opening containers or defeating certain enemies.

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