Sniper: Ghost Warrior - Xbox 360

Sniper: Ghost Warrior - Xbox 360

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Isla Trueno, Colombia is a nice little island. Beautiful beaches, clear water, and awesome looking jungles as far as one can see. It's also home to an ultra-rare form of uranium called Black 235, whose trade allows the local dictator General Manuel Vasquez to acquire military hardware and infrastructure. At first glance Vasquez is basically a drug dealer who was send by the cartel to Isla Trueno to run their drug operations on the island. This of course didn't keep him from overthrowing the government, cleansing the island from any of his opposition and clean out whole neighborhoods with his deaths squads. The world watched it happening. The island is after all rich with resources and everyone wants a piece of it. So all is well on Isla Trueno? Well, it would be if the government Vasquez overthrew hadn't been a US-backed one. Now a highly trained special ops team arrives on the island with one goal and one goal only: kill Vasquez.

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