Skylanders: Swap Force - Nintendo 3DS

Skylanders: Swap Force - Nintendo 3DS

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As a golden statue of the Skylander's pilot friend Flynn is being unveiled in Boom Town (Flynn's Hometown), a new villain called Moneybone launches an attack on them and snatches the statue as well as Cali, Flynn's partner. Flynn and the Skylanders set to get Cali and the statue back from Moneybone's hands.

The 3DS version of Skylanders: Swap Force has a gameplay similar to its console counterpart: the chosen Skylander character goes through levels with different branching paths and gathers gold and experience along the way. However, the levels and setting are completely different, and the Skylanders have slightly different sets of abilities, and can double jump. Each level has three stars to be earned: one from completing the level, one for completing the level within a set amount of time, and one for completing all the level challenges, including gold and treasure chest collecting, and Element and Swap Zone challenges. The Swap Zone challenges are completely different from the console game's challenges, and consist of a part of the level in which special abilities tied to each Swap Force member's Swap Zone Power can be used to complete puzzles and defeat enemies.

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