Sky Jinks - Atari 2600

Sky Jinks - Atari 2600

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Fly slalom around pylons (right of the red ones, left of the blue ones). Avoid skipping a pylon, hitting the pylons, trees or hot-air balloons. Try to get the best time you can. If you fly to the wrong side of a pylon, you will get a three second penalty for each missed pylon. The total number of pylons remaining is at the top of the screen above the time. If you hit a tree, pylon or balloon your plane will crash to the ground. You will not die but this will hurt your time as your plane has to take off again. Hitting a pylon will not hurt your pylon count. You will still get credit for the pylon but will lose time as your plane was slowed. You can press the fire button to throttle up or release to throttle down. Move the joystick left or right to turn. You bank into turns so you need to time turns as it is not instant. Up and down on the joystick do nothing.

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