Sky Gunner - Playstation 2

Sky Gunner - Playstation 2

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 Aerospace technology has linked the world together; introducing speedy planes, high flying airships and massive flying fortresses. Because of air piracy and other dangers, the occupation of Skygunners have appeared. Part freelancer and part mercenary, they are often hired for their daring skills in the air. Ciel and Copain are two such Skygunners, relaxing at the town of Rive. The police chief of Rive asks the two gunners to act as security for the town's scientific expo, and assigns his agent Femme to the group as well. What seems like a simple babysitting task soon turns to adventure when the criminal scientific genius, Ventre shows up, with his gang of loyal Poulet doll-henchmen. As Ventre orchestrates the theft of the Eternal Engine, a perpetual motion machine that could forever power his inventions, it's up to Ciel, Copain and Femme to take to the skies and foil Ventre's plans.

SkyGunner is a 3rd person flight combat game, with its emphasis on action. Players choose to take the role of either Ciel, Copain or Femme, each with their own campaign and unique flying abilities and special skill. Players can turn the plane's direction up, down, left and right, perform barrel rolls, use afterburners and breaking. Weaponry is handled by a complex system of targeting, with involves two types: "Look Targeting" and "Weapon Lock". Look Targeting simply assigns a particular enemy as the center of the camera and can be switched between at any time. The player must still maneuver near the enemy and target them with the cross hairs in order to fire on them. Depending on the secondary weapon selected, players can roll the cross hairs over the wing leader of an enemy group or the sequentially lead gun on a battleship, allowing the player to instantly target multiples from that group.

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