Ski-Doo: Snowmobile Challenge - Playstation 3

Ski-Doo: Snowmobile Challenge - Playstation 3

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Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge is a snowmobile racing game and a follow up to the PlayStation 2 game Ski-Doo Snow X Racing. The game is similar to its predecessor but has a larger number of tracks, with 25 different events taking place in five different countries: Canada, Russia, Sweden, USA and Norway. There are four different types of events: cross country, snowcross, hill cross and freestyle.

Like other extreme sports games doing tricks is a central part of the game. In total there are sixteen different stunts that can be done. When doing these the player's boost gauge fills up and when it's full it's possible to use adrenaline to get a boost by pushing the sled into overdrive. The player will then be able to accelerate faster, corner tighter and reach higher top speeds. Other tricks involve leaning forward to tighten the sled's turning radius or leaning backward to to gain a boost in traction and acceleration.

The game features a career mode as well as a single race mode and a multiplayer mode. In the career mode the player's aim is to become a professional snowmobile champion and along the way he will get access to new sleds and unlock special moves and new gear. This include upgrading the sled, painting it and applying various decals. The player can also unlock various outfits for the rider. In the single race mode the player can pick any rider and any course but only sleds unlocked in the career mode will be available.

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