Singularity - Xbox 360

Singularity - Xbox 360

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Feeling threatened by the USA and their nuclear bomb, the Russians had to look for uranium themselves after World War II ended. However, instead of uranium, they found something else on a small island off the east coast of Russia, now called Katorga-12. This something turned out to be E99 - the most powerful energy source known to man. Stalin immediately realized the scope of this discovery and pumped as many funds as possible into researching its military potential.

The scientists were forced to conduct their research at maximal speed, notwithstanding the possible dangers. Eventually, in 1955 an unknown and inexplicable disaster occurred, apparently killing everyone on the island and forcing the leaders to terminate the project. However, in 2010 an American spy satellite picks up radiation over the island, putting the government at high alert because of the fear of another Chernobyl disaster. To find out what is going on, they send the Black-Ops-team Spartan-21 to investigate. A sudden electromagnetic surge makes their helicopter crash. One of the few survivors, Nathaniel Renko, is left with the mission of uncovering the mystery of Katorga-12.

Singularity is a linear first-person shooter inspired by BioShock. Much of the story is uncovered by reading notes and hearing audio messages left by the inhabitants of the island before the catastrophe occurred. The weaponry includes a pistol, a shotgun, as well as more unusual firearms such as the Seeker which shoots E99-enriched bullets controlled by the player. Each weapon can be upgraded several times, increasing the size of the magazine or its strength. These upgrades, as well as swapping weapons and buying additional ammunition, are performed at weapon lockers scattered around the levels. In order to do an upgrade however, the player needs to find hidden caches containing weapons technology and collect the E99-technology lying around.

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